Pradeep Pattanayak

After losing their 15-year-old daughter, the family members of Sidhhi Samrudhhi of Berhampur city are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy. But, what has come as a solace to the grief-stricken family is that their daughter’s kidneys have given a new lease of life to two persons. 

A Class X girl, Sidhhi fell sick three days ago and her parents, S Bindhani and Dr Sunita Behera, rushed her to a hospital. The doctors told the parents that their daughter needed to be diagnosed with brain tumour following which they immediately shifted her to a Bhubaneswar based private hospital.  

On Monday morning, it was when the doctors treating declared her brain dead, S Bindhani and his wife felt the whole world came crashing down around them. But the next moment they decided to donate her organs so that she would remain alive even after death. 

“She was a gift from the God. But the God has cheated me,” these few words could speak Dr Sunita Behera, who along with her family members was at Swargadwar where the last rites of their daughters was performed. 

“My daughter would keep saying me I would work for the society dedicatedly as you are doing,” sobbed out Behera. 

“My daughter is no more but she is alive in two others even after her death. This has given us a lot of solace,” said S Bindhani. 

With the family’s organ donation decision, the process started for harvesting. The two kidneys harvested were transplanted on one Anamika Sahu (34), a Jagatsinghpur resident who is undergoing treatment at SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack and one on Ashok Nayak (65), who is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar. The transplantation is successful and both the patients are recuperating, it was learnt. 

“I am thankful to the parents for their decision. It is not an easy thing to decide to donate organs after death of a dear one,” said Anamika’s husband, Indrajit Behera. 

“My father has got a new lease of life. We will be indebted to them forever. Mere being thankful to the family will be not enough,” said Binayak Nayak, son of Ashok Nayak. 

However, it is unfortunate that Sidhhi’s other body parts could have saved lives of other persons but due to lack of required infrastructure, those parts could not be retrieved. 

“Since she was young, we could have utilised her all organs like liver and lungs. We failed to do so because we don’t have necessary infrastructure,” said kidney transplant surgeon, Dr Samiran Adhikari. 

It is said to be the first incident in the State where a 15 years old girl’s organs were donated.