Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Is it possible for a person to do any work with closed eyes? Probably not, but two girls from Odisha's Phulbani district seemed to have developed a supernatural ability to effortlessly carry out various day-today tasks with as much ease blindfolded as with eyes wide open. 

The two minor daughters of Balaram Pradhan, a resident of Phulbani town, can shock many with their miraculous talent in performing blindfold activities.

Local OTV representative took a peek into the skills of the two sisters as they gracefully displayed several acts from reading a random book to unmistakably writing and also cycling with blindsight. 

At first, the acts of the sisters may seem alien like from some mutant movies of the Hollywood, but there are studies which shows numerous people claiming to have obtained such ability to see through without using the eyes, a phenomenon scientifically coined as Dermo-optical perception (DOP).

Generally, people who claim to have DOP say that they can see using the skin of their fingers or hands and often demonstrate their skill by reading while blindfolded. Despite such claims, the results haven't been accepted by the mainstream scientific community.