Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The incessant rains in Odisha and neighbouring Chhattisgarh under the influence of back-to-back low pressures in the Bay of Bengal have resulted in the swelling of major rivers across Odisha. Similarly, the release of excess flood water from Hirakud Dam through 40 gates has worsened the flood situation in the State. 

With the release of excess flood water from the reservoir, Mahanadi, its tributaries and other major rivers in Odisha have breached the danger marks and have flooded several districts

Flood visuals from KhordhaFlood visuals from Khordha

While incessant rainfall had thrown normal life out of gear, the flood has now taken a heavy toll on people in different places. People were evacuated from different places following the flood warning for safe settlement. However, the flood victims are suffering a lot since three days without food or shelter. 

The situation across the state affected by the flash flood is more or less the same. The scenario in Cuttack's Banki being more vulnerable, as lying on the banks of Mahanadi, is quite heart-wrenching. While the floodwater is flowing on the main road connecting the villages to the city, the floodwater in Pathapur village is flowing above 4 feet above the road. Meanwhile, villages under Bilipada panchayat have been cut off from the mainland as floodwater has surrounded the patch from all sides. 

In such a situation, while some have relocated to higher and safer grounds, many are still stuck on the terraces of their houses. 

"We can't stay here anymore as our villages are surrounded by floodwater from all sides. Our crops have been destroyed, and houses are inundated by the floodwater. Even the walls of thatched houses have collapsed," said a resident of Banki Pathapur.

The situation is no different in Athagarh. Several villages have been cut off from the mainland. Many hamlets of Tigiria panchayat have been inundated due to backwater from the river. Similarly, various villages in five grampanchayats of Uttarbanki block have also witnessed a deluge. While the floodwater level in these villages is over 4 -5 feet, it has become impossible for people to step out of their houses. For emergency purposes, the administration has arranged a motor boat. 

Flood visuals from JagatsinghpurFlood visuals from Jagatsinghpur

"Since 3 days, our villages have been surrounded by floodwater. We as well as our livestock are living without food under such circumstances. We don't need relief, we need permanent settlement. Will the government compensate what we have lost?," said a flood victim from Orabarasingh.

On the other hand, floodwater has entered several panchayats in Kanas block in Puri district after the swelling of the Daya river. 
People residing in thatched houses have evacuated their residences and relocated to safer places. The situation is appalling in Balipatna and Baidyanathpatna villages. The people in these villages are stuck in inundated houses since two days without food after the floodwater rushed into their houses. 

Flood visuals from KendraparaFlood visuals from Kendrapara

"We are unable to cook as floodwater has entered our houses. We are reeling under fear as the water level is rising with each passing day. Even, there is a threat of wild animals entering our houses," said another flood victim from Ayatpur Panchayat.

Meanwhile, the week-long rainfall activities have caused Karandia river to swell up in Kendrapara causing breaches in 2 blocks. 

Floodwater has marooned several villages after a rupture in Balarampur gheri embankment. Similarly, Dhiabalarampur village has been cut off from the rest of the region. The floodwater after entering the houses has mounted trouble for the residents. Now, everyone has left everything at the mercy of the Almighty. Amid such circumstances, Dhiabalarampur village is quite critical. 

The flood situation has taken a huge toll on Jagatsinghpur's Jaishankhpur, Madhpur and Tentuliakhamara after 70 feet breach in Mahanadi. As the floodwater has entered the houses and damaged the food stocks, people are unable to cook food or move elsewhere.

Flood visuals from KendraparaFlood visuals from Kendrapara