Rashmi Ranjan

With the Holy month of Kartika coming to an end on November 8, people in large numbers crowded the non vegetarian markets across the State to buy fish, prawn, chicken, mutton on Wednesday morning to celebrate Chhadakhai, marking an end to their month-long sabbatical from consuming non-veg food items.

As Chhadakhai falls on Wednesday, a day when most of the people prefer to consume non vegetarian items, traders in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are hopeful of brisk business today.

Prices Of Fish And Other Items In Bhubaneswar Market

  • Rohu- Rs 200-250/kg
  • Bhakura- Rs 200-250/kg
  • Hilsa- Rs 1800/kg
  • Small Hilsa- Rs 1000/kg
  • Pomfret- Rs 700/kg
  • Tiger Prawn- Rs 600-700/kg
  • Medium-sized Prawn- Rs 400-450/kg
  • Crab- Rs 550/kg

“As we are celebrating Chhadakhai, I am here to buy fish. As compared to other days, the prices are normal today. The traders are charging Rs 10-20 extra per kg,” said a buyer in Bhubaneswar.

Another customer said, “I bought crab for Rs 550 per kg. As Chhadakhai falls on Wednesday, the sale of non-veg items will see a surge. Though we are being charged extra, it is okay.”

A buyer in Balasore said, “The prices are a bit higher today as compared to any other normal day. I bought Pohala fish for Rs 200 per kg.”

“People are preferring mutton over fish, so we are expecting a normal business today. The rates are normal like other days,” a prawn seller said.

(Reported by Niranjan Reddy)