Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a strange twist, police have traced a man who was initially suspected to have jumped into Mahanadi river from Mundali barrage in Athagarh of Cuttack district earlier today. 

Initially, it was suspected that the man jumped into Mahanadi in order to commit suicide after parking his vehicle on Mundali barrage.

Some locals had spotted the man riding a scooter and parking the vehicle on the barrage late last night. His scooter and slippers were later found on the barrage this morning. 

The locals thought that the man has committed suicide by jumping into the river and informed the local police and fire service personnel. 

After being informed by the locals, Godisahi police and fire services personnel had launched a massive search operation to trace the victim. 

Meanwhile, Barang police spotted the youth who belongs to Similipada area in Angul district. He told the police that he abandoned his scooter on the barrage and left the spot after the vehicle developed snags.

He said he went to Baramunda by taking a lift in a truck after parking his scooter on the bridge due to the malfunctioning of his vehicle.

Earlier on August 27, a youth had jumped into the river from the barrage.

As per eyewitnesses, he arrived at Mundali barrage on a scooter. After parking the vehicle on the barrage, he jumped into the river and went missing.