Mrunal Manmay Dash

In what could be called a brave yet emotional decision, an auto rickshaw driver in Bhubaneswar has donated eyes of both of his daughters in a bid to save their memory in others’ eyes.

Samarendra Pradhan, a resident of Shastri Nagar in the capital city lost both of his daughters, Subhalaxmi and Bhagyalaxmi to food poisoning a few days back. Though the family was crestfallen with the loss, they decided to donate the eyes of the duo expecting to give sight to two other blind persons.

The elder sibling, Subhalaxmi was the last year student of Chartered Accountancy and she was working at a CA farm in the city as well to support the family. The younger one, Bhagyalaxmi was a bright student and wanted to become a doctor.

Pradhan’s wife, Jayanti Sahu, said, “I had only one dream for my daughters, and it was to make them good students in life. I did not know they would live me like this.”

As per reports, the sister duo fell ill after consuming homemade pancakes made on Makar Sankranti. Pradhan rushed them to the nearest hospital for treatment, where the doctor diagnosed food poisoning as the cause. After some days of treatment, both the sisters passed away one after one on the same day.

Pradhan told OTV, “I immediately decided to donate the eyes of my daughters. My thought was to give light to others who are in need of this.”