Ramakanta Biswas

The cancelation of food registration of a popular roadside hotel by the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) appeared to be a mere eyewash with the eatery resuming its business on Thursday. 

The eatery named Kishore Hotel located near Doordarshan office in the city was reportedly sealed for violating food safety guidelines and not maintaining proper hygiene. 

“The food safety team of BMC today inspected shops near Doordarshan. Food colours, expired sauces & stale crabs at restaurant were destroyed. Food registration cancelled & penalty also imposed for poor sanitation,” the civic body announced on its official Twitter handle. 

However, a day after being sealed the shop, which is famous for mutton curry, was found doing its regular business today. 

Speaking about the BMC action, owner of the hotel said, “As the food licence of my hotel is due for renew, the BMC officials yesterday visited my hotel for inquiry. The officials asked me to maintain hygiene. As the hotel is located on the footpath, I maintain as much hygiene as I can.”

Asked if low quality food drew the action of the civic body, he said, “If the food quality of my hotel is bad, why a large number of people are coming to have food every day.”

The hotel owner has also denied paying any penalty to the civic officials. “I have not paid any fine. The shop beside my hotel has been fined Rs 1,000,” he added.

Speaking about the issue, Bhubaneswar city health officer Depak Bisoyi said, “We had destroyed food colour and stale crabs at Kishore Hotel. The hotel was being operated with just registration, but they should have got a licence. While granting licence, we inspect the quality of water being used and the hygienic condition. Therefore, we raided the hotel and destroyed the food items and cancelled its registration. If the hotel owner is opening the hotel and selling food despite cancellation of registration, it is completely illegal and unauthorised. We will again raid the hotel and impose fine."