Pradeep Pattanayak

In yet another case of social ostracism, two families have been boycotted for not agreeing to a village Kangaroo court’s decision at Giria village under Rajkanika block in Kendrapara district. 

According to a report, the scourge of ostracism has been handed down to the families of Purandar Lenka and his neighbour Nalinikanta Rout. They have been boycotted by their community members after a dictate by the village committee. While the village shops have been denied to them, none in the village is speaking with them. 

The village committee has warned villagers against having talking terms with any member of the boycotted families, failing which they have to cough up Rs 501 as fine, the victimised families alleged. 

Purandar and Nalinikanta have a long standing land dispute. Seeking a solution, they had taken the matter to the village committee. Not satisfied with the committee’s decision, Purandar had taken the matter to court. This is why his family has been ostracised. And Nalinikanta’s family has been boycotted for the reason that he opposed the committee’s decision.   

“I have a land dispute with my neighbour Nalinikanta Rout. I asked them not to pluck coconuts from the trees on the disputed land. He then sought the intervention of the village committee following which the committee levied a fine of Rs 1,002 on me. It was when I refused to pay the fine, they asked me to live separately. Even the villagers have stopped speaking with us as the committee has issued a warning in this regard. If anyone goes against the dictate, they have to pay a fine of Rs 501,” said Purandar. 

“The village shops have been denied to us. The villagers have been asked not to invite us to their family functions. In case of violation, they have to pay Rs 501 as fine,” complained Nalinikanta. 

When contacted, village committee president Basudev Mohanty termed the allegations as baseless. 

“We have not taken any action against the two families. I don’t know anything about their allegations,” said Mohanty.