Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

An ITI student from Chandragiri in Gajapati district has developed a special project for the soldiers with the help of which border intrusion can be stopped.

The student identified as Sameer Pradhani has also claimed that the device will be of immense help to catch the murderers with ease.

Sameer has made the project by using two mobile phones, four electric bulbs, some switches and other electric equipment.

As per Sameer, beep sounds will generate with the help of an automatic censor of the project whenever there will be intrusion in the border areas. An alarm sound will come even when the enemies will try to intrude underground. The head office will also get a call immediately as soon as any intrusion happens.

If the enemies try to intrude by cutting wires, electric bulbs set up in the device will be illuminated along with an alarm sound. Moreover, chemical will be sprayed automatically upon the intruders during their intrusion attempt and as a result they will become unconscious.

Sameer has also made special goggles to catch the murderers.

"Any murderer could be identified easily by putting the special goggles on the deceased's eye within 24 hours and thereafter scanning it," said Sameer.

The former ITI student has made the innovation by spending only Rs 7,000.

"I was always disturbed by the news of soldiers martyred in the border areas of the country. It propelled me to make the special project," he said.

Local people have hailed Sameer’s innovation and appealed the government to help him for further development of the project and its proper implementation.

"Sameer's concern for the soldiers and his effort for their safety are really praiseworthy. The government and corporate sectors should come forward with helping hands for further development of the project and its proper implementation in the border areas," said Chandragiri ITI Principal Jagadeesh Haibru.