Anirbaan Hritiq

It is ironically said, anyone who can drive under Indian driving conditions can drive anywhere around the globe. But, should Indian drivers really take it as a compliment?

The driving rules are strengthening in the country with the advent of increasing traffic surveillance, stricter driving licence issuance procedures and crackdowns on traffic violators. Despite all measures, daily commuters are not aware of basic driving skills one of which includes the proper operation of headlights and turn lights (indicators).

During the night hours, it becomes extremely difficult to drive on Indian roads due to a lack of education about headlight operations.

Many drivers continuously use high-beam while driving making it extremely difficult for vehicles coming from the opposite end. 

The right way to use high and low beams: The headlamps are designed to be used for multiple applications. This includes being used for giving passing signals while overtaking other vehicles, high-lighting obstacles on roads, and making transition easier while cornering. The high-beams are specially designed to be used in extremely dark places where there is no other source of lighting. It is advised to use normal light (low beam) for daily applications and safety.

Meanwhile, many drivers drive with blown-out headlamps, and rear brake lights misleading and putting other drivers' life at the stake. Similarly, the four-way indicators (hazard lights) are used for indicating a car breakdown or emergency purpose, which is, unfortunately, being used for showing up by drivers these days.

How to use (hazard lights): Hazard lights or four-way indicators should be used to indicate vehicle breakdown for roadside assistance and to alert other commuters. Meanwhile, break lights play an extremely crucial role by lighting up while breaking. Not replacing blown-out brake lamps can mislead drivers to come from behind leading to accidents. 

The turn signals which are supposed to be an indication for turning left or right, meanwhile are also used for demonstrating lane changes are being wrongly used leading to road rage on daily basis.

How to use (turn signals): Turn signals, or indicators are purposely built to indicate lane changes and are being used while taking turns. Keeping it on continuously, or using it non-judiciously can lead to accidents by confusing other commuters on the roads. Therefore, one should be extremely cautious while operating it.

 Though Indian drivers are seasoned with this generic defect among the riders, it still raises questions on the credibility of quality driving skills in today’s dynamic scenario of India developing as a global leader.