Rashmi Rekha Das

Global Positioning Systems, better known as GPS, has become an integral part of our everyday life. It has literally changed the way people communicate. Using the GPS devices and apps, one can go to any place and trace the lost people. Thanks to GPS service, a resident or MV 13 under Tamasa panchayat in Malkangiri district  has been reunited with his family after almost two decades.

Sources said, Niranjan Sarkar had gone to Andhra Pradesh in search of a job when he was hardly 17.  As he was an illiterate, he had no concrete idea about his address. After failing to return to his village, he had left for Mumbai to eke out a living as a daily wager. It was then he got married and became father of a baby girl. He enrolled his daughter to a school. As her father wanted to go back to his village and meet his family, his daughter helped her father return to his village MV 13 after 22 years using GPS app.   

“When I was barely 17, I had left my village. I visited many places to lead a quality lifestyle. Subsequently, I got married and became a father after moving to Mumbai. It was my daughter who helped me return to my village. Now I am with my mother and brother.” Niranjan Sarkar said with tears rolling down his cheeks.  

His daughter said, “My father loves his birthplace like anything. He used to talk about his village a lot. Thus, we suddenly decided to return MV 13 village. It was then I asked him the village name. He, however, had remembered only name of the district he belongs to and lane no 13. I searched the location using the GPS. And finally we reached at my father’s village. My happiness knew no bounds after meeting my grandmother, uncle, aunt and brother. I love this place.”