Mrunal Manmay Dash

The ICAR-National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) has some promising facts about buffaloes born and bred around Odisha’s Chilika lake.

Sources said, the milk obtained from a specific type of buffalo, close to the region surrounding the brackish water lagoon is believed to have some unique properties and can treat cancer.

For research, the NBAGR recently collected milk samples from at least 20 buffaloes in the area of Chilika. The NBAGR scientist declared that "additional research on the buffaloes of Chilika coast is needed to confirm the study."

Meanwhile, the local residents have encouraged the state government to act quickly to protect the species of buffalo found close to Chilika Lake.

As per an NBAGR scientist, Dr Mahesh Dige, “We are here to study the milk and curd of Chilika buffaloes. There are 19 types of buffaloes in India and the Chilika breed is one of them. The unique properties of Chilika buffalo will be studied to ascertain their usefulness for humans.”

Upendra Jena, a local buffalo breeder said, “The scientists are here and they claim to have discovered a major property in our buffaloes. They have assured us to make our buffaloes famous so that we get more value from the milk and curd.”

Bibhuti Jena, another local in the know of things said, “The scientist of NBAGR in Haryana have been studying the Chilika buffalo from last seven years. They think, the milk of Chilika buffalo has anti-cancer and anti-fungal properties. So, they have sent samples for more testing. However, we want to create a buffalo milk society here in Chilika and establish a dairy plant.”