Rashmi Rekha Das

Children are like buds in a garden and thus they should be carefully and lovingly nurtured as they are future of the country. They should not be made to work as daily labourers when they are supposed to study in schools.  These slogans have been made at a child labour-free awareness drive which kicked off outside the District Collector’s in Khordha district on Friday.

According to sources, Khordha District Collector Sangram Keshari Mohapatra flagged off the awareness rally which started from the Collector’s office. The Collector called upon people not to employ kids under the age group of 14 at crusher units, dhabas, hotels and industrial estates. Besides, children under the age group of 15-18 should not be made to work in hazardous workplace. 

Sangram said, "Our first duty is to identify those who employ children under the age group of 14 and take action against them as per the rules of child protection Act. Besides, Labour and Employment department is keeping a watch on such people who make children work violating the government norms.”