Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

At least 40 passengers remained stranded in Chilika after a boat ferrying them got stuck in the lake due to technical issues on Friday.

The boat with the passengers and more than 20 motorcycles is stuck 200-300 metres off Janhikuda.

As per reports, the boat started the journey from Janhikuda ghat towards Satapada at 12.45 pm. However, after covering a distance of around 500 metres, the boat developed a technical glitch and was stranded amid the lake.

Another boat has been sent near the stranded boat for the rescue operation.

All the passengers of the stranded boat are reportedly safe. They are also not in a state of panic as the level of water is less in Chilika.

“Most of the people are locals and they are absolutely safe. These kinds of things often happen in Chilika and the local people are aware of it,” said a local resident.

“Another boat has been sent near the stranded boat. As part of the rescue operation, the stranded boat will be tied with the other boat and will be drawn towards the shore of the lake slowly,” he said.