Vikash Sharma

In a bid to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 during winter, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday issued fresh guidelines to restrict the number of attendees in weddings, funerals and thread ceremony functions in the city.

As per the latest notification, the presence of a maximum of 50 persons will be allowed in functions related to marriage, death rituals and thread ceremonies in Bhubaneswar.

Similarly, it will be a joint responsibility of the host of the function and management of Kalyan Mandaps, convention centres and marriage halls to adhere to the pandemic guidelines, the notification read.

Here are the guidelines:

-The permission for the functions shall have to be obtained from the local authority (BMC in this case) mandatorily.

- The person with SARI, ILI like symptoms shall not be allowed to the venue/hall. In funeral related functions such persons need to be avoided to participate as far as practicable.

-Other vulnerable groups of people such as old age persons, pregnant women or children below 10 years of age or person with other co-morbidities are also advised not to attend these functions.

-The host of the function shall ensure thermal screening of all participants at the entrance of the venue.

- Physical distancing of at least 6 Ft to be maintained at all times by the participants during the function.

-The participants shall mandatorily use face mask during the function except during eating.

- Spitting inside the hall and chewing Pan/Gutkha etc are strictly prohibited.

- The host of the function shall ensure adequate provision of hand sanitization, hand washing at the venue.

-The sitting and dining arrangement shall be done to make at least 6 ft distance between individuals.

-During the function a maximum of 50% of the hall capacity will be allowed for usage in a closed space subject to the ceiling limit of the relevant function.

-In open space, appropriate number of persons to be allowed subject to the maintenance of prescribed physical distance and total ceiling of participants.

-The host and the owner of the hall shall be responsible for ensuring the above guidelines. They will be liable for penal action in case of any violation.

-The individual participants will also be liable for violation of norms as specified above.

-The local police and BMC enforcement squad will ensure strict adherence of the above provisions.