Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a time when immoral and illegal activities are rampant in the society, there are still many who exemplify with their noble deeds how good the world is. 

Displaying impeccable honesty and integrity, two bus drivers in Odisha returned a misplaced consignment of smart phones and accessories worth around Rs 10 lakhs to the courier company.

Kartika Barada and Preetiranjan Pradhan earn their livelihood by driving a bus from Nabarangpur to Bhubaneswar. They earn Rs 600 each on a daily basis for plying the long route bus.

Recently, the duo found some packets scattered on the road near Banigochha Ghat near Daspalla while driving the bus. They picked up the packets and stumbled upon the smartphones and accessories inside the packets much to their bewilderment.

Both of them approached the owner of the bus and informed about their discovery. Subsequently after inspecting the bills inside the packets, they found the name of the courier company who had sent the stuffs to a distributor in Bolangir by bus. Finally, they contacted the courier company over the phone and returned the smart phones and accessories.

While the noble act by the drivers has garnered loads of praise from all over, the owner of the courier company has expressed disbelief at getting his lost goods back before extending his heartfelt gratitude to both Kartika and Preetiranjan.

“We were extremely satisfied by returning the smart phones and accessories to the courier company. Everybody is earning money through some way or the other, but it is humanity which really counts for us,” the bus driver Preetiranjan said.

Narrating about how such a large shipment was lost during delivery and was later found by the bus drivers, the staff of Express Cargo Logistics said that the parcel was sent from Bhubaneswar to Bolangir through Alok Bus on January 21 but was later found missing. 

"We had given up all hopes to get back our goods. But fortunately we have got the packets safely with all the goods. We are grateful to the drivers and owner of the bus,” said the courier staff.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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