Pradeep Pattanayak

To measure the depth of the water in the reservoir and the volume of sedimentation at the Hirakud Dam, a bathymetric survey is currently underway at the dam in Sambalpur district. 

The bathymetric survey, also known as hydrographic survey, is the study of beds and depth of a water body like, ocean, lake, river, stream etc. Since the deposit of sediment reduces the water holding capacity of a water body, measurement of sedimentation and steps for its removal are required. 

Informing about the ongoing survey, Chief Engineer of Hirakud Dam, Ananda Chandra Sahu, said the survey work has started following the direction of the Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal. “There is a direction from the Tribunal to carry out a survey in 50 kms downstream and 100 kms upstream of the dam. To execute the order, we had floated a tender and subsequently a Mumbai-based private engineering firm has been roped in to conduct the survey,” said Sahu. 

Informing about the progress, Sahu said that the survey in the downstream has been completed. “In the reservoir, we have so far covered around 16 km and 77km more is to be covered.”  

The engineers are going into the reservoir in boats, and on the basis of waves and using certain machines, Global Positioning System (GPS), drones and echo sounders they are measuring the depth of the water. The survey is being carried out at an estimated cost of Rs 42.05lakh.

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