Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A missing pet parrot named ‘Coco’ which had been missing from the house of a professor in Cuttack was found at Kesura area in Bhubaneswar on Monday.

Few days ago, the missing case of the parrot had hit the headlines after the keeper of the bird Sasmita Behera circulated leaflets promising an award of Rs 5,000 to anyone who could give details about their dear pet. She had also published advertisements in different newspapers and various social media platforms relating to the pet parrot and the prize money.

As per reports, a family from Kesura area found the bird and informed Sasmita over telephone. They returned the pet bird to the desperate family members, but refused to receive any prize money.

Meanwhile, the family members of Sasmita who were anxious lot after losing 'Coco' are now on cloud nine after getting it back.

“Coco loved roaming around our house. However, on one instance, it was frightened after spotting a man wearing a mask entering our premises and flew away somewhere. Fortunately, a large-hearted family at Kesura, on the bank of Kuakhai river, rescued it and returned to us,” said Sasmita.

“Coco to be pretty happy after returning home. It has now started taking food. However, it is under trauma and will take a few days to fully recover,” she added.

Notably, Sasmita had rescued the injured parrot a few months back. The bird responded to her treatment and recovered quickly. Since then it has become a member of her family and has been getting a lot of love, care and attention from the family members.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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