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Lipsticks lift not just the lips but moods as well. A pretty pout for the benefit of the camera, lifts the picture like nothing else. But it’s the touch-up every two hours that gets to most women. Touching up your lipstick every now and then is impractical. But we discovered 5 simple tricks that almost make the lipstick last forever - or for at least five hours plus. Try them out.  

Take time to prepare your lips
Lips that are dry and flaky don't support lip colour well. Apply lip balm or coconut oil every night before bed for well-moisturised lips. Exfoliate your lips lightly with soft cotton before applying lip colour to get rid of the dry patches. Before using lipstick, apply lip balm or petroleum jelly and let it sit for a while.

Apply concealer 

Concealer makes a great lip primer. Use a concealer to dab it all over lightly and outline your lips. It will also help prevent spills and lip-edge smudging. Lipstick that doesn't bleed as much around the edges stays on for longer.

Apply pencil liners
Use a pencil liner to define your lips. Use a neutral colour tint so that your lips may be more easily traced and then start to fill in the shade. 

Use a brush 
It is obvious that using a brush to apply lipstick results in longer-lasting colour. Lipstick won't stay on if you swipe it in one or two swift motions over your lips. Dab a colour in the middle of your top and bottom lips with a lip brush. The next step is to fill in your bottom lips, softly working your way in from the edges. The top lip should be processed in the same manner. By segmenting the colour with a brush, the lipstick may be made to blend flawlessly into your lips, improving colour absorption and retention and lengthening its wear time.

The puff and tissue method
The tissue trick is your go-to tool for maintaining lipstick. Take a tissue, lay it between your lips, and firmly press it after applying lipstick. This method will assist in removing all the extra product that is idly clinging to your lips. Put your lips on the second tissue that you have in your hand. Apply a final coat of lipstick to the middle of your lips after puffing translucent powder over them via a tissue. This simple technique helps seal the colour without drying or powdering up your lips.

These simple hacks will ensure that your lipstick stays for the whole day, without you worrying about it becoming patchy or disappearing altogether.