Cassian Baliarsingh

Most people born in the 90s have hit the big 30s and are already facing the pain of being called uncle and aunties by the current generation. As the bell of the 30s rings around the ‘90s kids’, one cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for them in this modern generation.

Even though this phase of life is considered a middle ground, in reality, it is either highs or lows. While some are looking for jobs, others are getting married and having children. Stuck in a transition from young adult to adult, the ‘90s kids’ are pressured to make it big, get married, and settle down in life.

From school to college to university, and then to jobs and marriage, we keep climbing and are forced to live an automated life. However, there are still many '90s kids who are yet to get married. A social media user sparked a debate after he questioned why people born between 1990-1998 were still not married?

Netizens came up with hilarious yet heartbreaking reasons for still being single and we can relate to every answer.

“Because we are still living in 90's and searching love that used to happen in 90's in this 21st century. Cz we cannot find those 90s wala crazy love... it's all casual 😑😑bullshitt era.” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Because we didn't get married sooner and now we know it’s just a part of life not Life. Moreover, we have a choice to not get married.”

Another user hilariously wrote, “Hum gharwalo k bharose baithe hai gharwale hamare bharose baithe hai😢”

“Arey bola toh hai Jo humein chahiye use hum nhi chahiye n Jise hum chahiye woh kise chahiye😂😂😂” shared another user.

“Struggling for career…” shared another user.