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Winter has knocked on the door, and it is time to level up your fashion and styling sense in the most basic and decent way possible. Winter marks the end of colour in nature; vibrant green autumn leaves are overtaken by naked trees, and the ground is damp and covered with snow. Similarly, the traditional seasonal colours for winter are neutrals and dark shades.

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Here is a list of the top 5 trendy seasonal winter colour outfits that will last for the next seven winter seasons:

Wine Red Or Maroon

Maroon or red wine serves as the new neutral that goes perfectly well with black, grey, beige, and white colours. Be it a hoodie or a hand-knit sweater, a warm and cosy blazer, or a well-crafted shirt, the colour provides depth to your overall personality.

Olive Green

It is the evergreen, go-to neutral colour for winters and is surplus chic. An earthy-toned bag or outerwear can add style to a monochromatic ensemble. A puffer jacket or sweatshirt with beige pants can change your look completely.


The dark colour is a premium one! The black is never accused of having an affair with each colour but instead praised. Be it a leather jacket, formal coat, classy shirt, or cool hoodie, black totally impresses us.

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Mustard Yellow

A wide variety of hues go well with mustard. And as a subdued version of yellow, it helps to lighten the inherent darkness of winter. Despite not being a primary hue, it stands out when paired with neutral-colored clothing.


The attractive mud colour includes a range of hues, from a muted caramel, camel, and oatmeal to a more earthy tobacco, russet, and chocolate. Brown goes well with cream, light grey, and other neutrals. Chocolaty high necks or camel overcoats are the must-haves for the winter season.

It has never been simpler to dress for the season. But this guide to winter seasonal colours can help you dress up for this winter.