Anirbaan Hritiq

Social media has emerged as the ultimate source of entertainment today. In a populous country like India which is taking huge strides in the telecom and cyber spheres, a larger section of society is engaged in the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Koo, and others.

According to a survey, the total number of social media users in India stood at 518 million in 2020 which is nearly double of total users in the USA, which stood at 295.48 million back in 2021. The statistical data on the total number of social media users worldwide may vary with respect to time and technology in use. 

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The rising concern is about the screen-time, and the total number of man-hours being spent on these platforms. As per an article published by India Today, the average screen time of Indian users is recorded at 4.7 hours a day (2021), which essentially means that one spends one-fifth of a day on phones.

The unbalanced uses of social media applications have led to health issues such as blurred vision, insomnia, aggressive behaviour, stress and depression. Meanwhile, it has also led to social issues such as the propagation of fake news, online trolling, and other similar kinds of issues.

So here are some simple tips that you may follow to get over your social media addiction according. You may take expert help if necessary. 

1. Set a Screen Time: The digital wellness settings on smartphones can be extremely helpful in curving social media addiction. Users can set a pre-defined timeslot for particular applications, once the duration is over the app will stop working by getting locked by itself.

2. Turning Off The Notifications: Turning off notifications can work like a magical wand. The notification function is specially designed to target potential users, and increase occupancy. Turning off notifications for the social media application during your work hours or resting time can significantly reduce your screen time.

3. Setting a Complicated Lock Pattern: Yes, humans by nature are naturally escapists, and they avoid doing complicated things. Setting different lock patterns for multiple social media applications can reduce the user’s interest and cut down frequent viewing.

4. Always Log Out: Being logged in always can keep you more occupied, drop frequent notifications to grab your attention. Logging out of social media applications after use can contribute radically to reducing your screen time.

5. Practice a 21 Days Detoxification Mode: Yes, it has been scientifically proven that doing something continuously for 21 days will become your habit. Try absolutely stopping yourself from social media uses for 21 days, if you can’t, then go for using it for a definite timeslot. It will help in the overall reduction of social media addiction.