Cassian Baliarsingh

With the advancement of technology and online dating, it has become very easy to find ‘love’ in this modern era. Searching for a partner for dating is just a click away or a right swipe. While the older generation only had one term ‘love’, there have been several dating terms that have surfaced on social media now.

From Masterdating to fizzling, there are terms in the dating world that only the Gen Z can understand. Now, with Christmas around the corner, another term has been added to the love vocabulary and it is called ‘Tinselling’.

Masterdating has become a TikTok trend where a person goes out on dates by himself/herself. This entails spending quality time with oneself and getting to know oneself better and taking care of oneself. In other words, masterdating is the practice of lavishing oneself with choice gifts, treats, and outings to establish a healthy sense of self-sufficiency.

Similarly, fizzling means when someone withdraws from a relationship without doing it clearly and directly. The person slowly drifts apart from their partner but does not end the relationship until the other person gets the hints and the relationship slowly fizzles out.

On the other hand, Tinselling is a deliberate decision for couples to put their problems aside until the Christmas and New Year festivities are over. In most cases, couples sit down and chat about their relationship only after the festivities.

The name draws inspiration from shiny and cheerful tinsel which is used to decorate during the festive season (The couples choose to maintain good relationship because of the festive season all while overlooking unresolved problems in the relationship).