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Vikash Sharma

While the romance of ‘Valentines Day’ looms in February, people, mostly youngsters, are looking forward to see what’s there in store for them in this ‘month of love’. However, it is completely a new month for many of us who started the New Year on high note.

Despite the challenges and struggles, life moves on. Perhaps this gives people renewed strength to shoulder challenges by taking one step at a time.

Mrs Bina Sheth @ Divine Bliss from Cuttack Odisha, a certified Tarot card reader-Reiki Master-Healer has made a comprehensive tarot card reading for the month of February 2022. So let’s see what has tarot cards to tell us for this month.

Tarot predictions and guidance for all Sun signs by Mrs.Bina Sheth. Take what resonates, leave the rest

Aries - (March 21 - April 20) :

Grab opportunities as it is the perfect time to buy property. Inject some fun back in your relationship. Advice- Go out in the nature. Plans of fitness will work out for this month.

Taurus -( April 21-May 20 ):

New job or career for taureans. You will be placed in a much better position in terms of finance. Your overall health will be good. Everything will fall in place for you. Possibilities are bright for those trying to conceive.

Gemini-( May 21-June 22 ) :

Use your diplomacy to solve career issues. Advice- Focus in all areas of life needed. Finance might go out of balance. Treat yourself well, healing might help you if health issues are there. You will get good emotional support from your partner this month.

Cancer - (June 21 -July 22 ) : 

Hard work will pay off in terms of career and finances as well. You will feel blessed and at the same time enjoy the finer things in life. Relationship will be stable and secure. Health will be good and issues, if any, will be resolved easily

 Leo- (July 23 -August 23 ) : 

Take proactive steps to improve things in your career. Be careful with investments and purchases. Do your research. Those looking for partners will find one. Follow your heart. Good positive news for health reports seen. Take positive steps to improve your health.

Virgo -( August 23- September 22 )

Partnership will be good for you this month. You will be able to strike harmony and balance in work. Though you find yourself running out of money, but will somehow manage to cover your expenses. Good health also seen. Overall it will be a balanced time.

Libra- ( September 23-October 22 )

Be persistent and logical while searching for jobs. Good opportunities are coming your way. Be responsible and practical in spending money. Don’t be too hard with yourself, as it might affect your health. Listen to advice of your doctor.

Scorpio-(October 23- November 23 )

Things will be good at work but hard work needed. Quite comfortable time financially. Balance of work and relationships needed. Recovery and self-discipline in health on the cards.

Sagittarius-( November 23-December 21)

Retirement for elderly this month. Rewards and achievements on cards. Financially stable and time full of abundance. Give space to your partner to grow and fulfil their dreams. Successful recovery from health issues.

Capricorn-(December 22-January 19 )

Things will go well in career and finance. You will spend good family time. Plans for childbirth will be successful. Making changes to improve your health essential this month.

Aquarius-(January 20- February 19 ) :

Difficult phase of new venture or job getting over. Recognition and money both this month for you. Financial uncertainty will improve. Big land contracts or projects or bonuses being seen. New love and life opening for you. You may travel together with your partner. Health adversity may be overcome.

Pisces-(February 20 -March 20 ) :

You might feel powerless or trapped in your work and career. But there are ways to get out of it. Don’t just give in as it’s just your anxiety making you feel this way. The reality is you have the power to get what you want. Anxiousness with money will also be there. Stay away from drama and negativity in relationship. Find inner balance.

May this month bring lots of love and blessings in your life. It is a general reading For personal readings contact on 9437411155

Click the link below to connect Mrs. Bina Sheth

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