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  • Does your ex-boyfriend want you to give him a second chance?
  • Check out these 5 things before giving him a nod.

It’s normal for couples to fight and get back. But usually, the period between these fights and reconciliation is very short. However, when you call it quits officially then you do so with the intention of never getting back.

So, when your ex-boyfriend comes back to you and requests you to give him another chance what should you do? If you still have strong feelings for him chances are that you will accept his request.

However, such decisions should not be made in haste. Instead, you need to check the following 5 things before giving him a green signal.

Do you want it?

If you have been deeply in love with your boyfriend earlier, your mind will be eager to have him back in your life. But that is all superficial. Give yourself some time and think whether that is what you want or if your life is now better off without him. With him or without him, which life has been more fulfilling and peaceful?

Forgiving and forgetting are not always easy

If your boyfriend had hurt you badly earlier and that was the reason why you split, think twice before making him the cynosure of your eyes once again. It is quite possible that you feel healed from the earlier hurt but it is never easy to forgive and forget.

Rebuilding trust is difficult

More often, trust issues are the reasons behind the breakup. If such issues were the reasons why you could not continue your relationship with your boyfriend earlier, those same problems are going to be there once you two start afresh. If someone has ditched you earlier, it is very difficult to rebuild trust with the same person again.

How willing are you?

Even an already strong relationship needs regular contributions to keep it working and happening. So if you are trying to pick up the pieces of your earlier broken relationship and start a new inning, both of you will have to give it a lot of time and energy. Check whether you are willing to devote all that energy and time to make things work with your ex-boyfriend.

Toxic or respectful?

How was your earlier relationship before you separated? Was it toxic; were you respectful towards each other? There are times in an affair when you do not feel romantic toward the other but even then mutual respect stays if both people are mature and that is how a relationship survives. But if there was no respect or admiration for each other, there is a strong possibility that it is going to be the same even the second time around.