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  • Dating apps are widely used by today's younger generation.
  • Here are 5 things that boys must not tell girls on dating apps.

Online dating apps have made it easier for young girls and boys or even adults seeking a new partner to date, interact with, engage with, bond over, and develop a relationship. However, in this virtual world, most of the time what you see on the web is not real and many people are fake and are using such apps to date, multiple people, at a time.

So, when you start dating online, you must avoid revealing certain details about your personal lives. Here, we have come up with a few such things that are believed and often advised to boys to not reveal to girls on such online dating apps for various reasons:

Never share personal details

Until you have known the girl well enough personally, met her multiple times, and understood whether she is real or just fake, you should never share your personal details with her. It can be anything from your official position, the company you are working in, other details about your family members, and so on.

Revealing financial status, and account details should be avoided

More often people on such dating apps are trying to find prey or trap a person and take advantage of others financially. Even though you are trying to find a beloved on the dating app, you should never reveal your financial status or account details to the girl as she can always misuse it once the relationship turns sour.

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Never share your private photographs

Although nudity is quite common on the web, having your private photographs circulating on the internet can be quite gross. So, make sure that you do not share your private or steamy hot photographs with the girl who may in the distant future use them for blackmailing you or against you in any way.

Do not give in to sob stories

Girls have a tendency to make others feel guilty and emotional with their sob stories. While many times they are real, sometimes they can be just used to make you sensitive towards them and extract some financial help. You can always soothe the girl but never promise her any financial help or offer to give her a particular amount of money unless and until you are sure that the girl is telling the truth.

Avoid making personal comments, remarks

There is a strong possibility that during interaction on dating apps, you might make a loud comment or pass on a remark that might seem okay at that time but may not be appropriate if the relationship does not go further. So, it’s better not to make personal comments during the initial communication with a girl on dating apps.

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