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  • Every girl has a few expectations from the boy on her first date.
  • Here are the 5 things girls want from boys on a first date.

Going on a date with a girl for the first time? Whether you have a fixed date in a sophisticated restaurant or planning to go to a special place in the wilderness, there are certain things girls expect from boys on their first date.

Be on Time

Of course, you are eager to go with this girl, which is why you have given a nod for the date. And the best way to show these feelings is by being on time. And more than that, you must be present physically and mentally while you are with the girl. Texting or talking on mobile phones is a total no-no and it's best to leave your iPads at home because all these activities give out how important that date is for a boy.

Work on your appearance

It is your first date so try to work on your dress code. Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the place you are going depending upon whether the backdrop is an apple orchard, disco pub, or scuba diving. Personal hygiene including well-combed hair, trimmed nails, and shaving should be looked into.

What’s the payment decision? Decide in advance!

While even today a boy taking out a chair for his girl comes under chivalry and good manners, gone are the days when the man is expected to pay for his date. Rather nowadays girls want to pay for themselves. So if that is the arrangement make sure that you have decided to go Dutch and it is settled in advance.

Tread cautiously, don’t make any strong statements

The first date is a sort of introduction to each other. This is the time when you discuss your beliefs, opinions, and about your likes or dislikes. There is a possibility that what the girl is saying may not be to your liking or you are completely opposed to the idea. However, instead of cutting her short in between, be open and listen to her and give your opinion carefully. Make sure that your statement reveals your opinion about that topic but avoid making any strong statements.

Keep a follow-up

The first date always gives you an idea of whether there is going to be a second date or not. If the first date was great you will indeed decide when to meet the next. However, even if it was not the best experience you can still do a short follow-up and say thank you to the girl which indicates that you appreciate the time you both spent together.