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It is that time of the year to reorganise yourself in terms of spiritually, health and overall finances. It is also time to celebrate the festival of colours, Holi, with your loved ones. However, the month of March will also bring some misfortune in the times of festivities for some people, said Jyotish Maharshi Mrs Minati Purohit.

People need to be extra cautious while negotiating with people especially superiors as it might land them in some trouble.

Purohit brings you a comprehensive prediction of all the 12 zodiac signs.


Promotion or new beginning is on the cards. You will gain wealth, success and prosperity. Though there will be happiness at the domestic front, anxiety level will be high. Possibility of sudden rise in wealth from share market or from lottery. You will get support from your friends, family and relatives. You will be spending your time in helping others.


Victory, promotion and monetary gain. The time is good for politicians. However, there will be loss in journey. You will achieve success is business.


The phase will be traumatic as there are chances of loss in status and even separation from near relatives. Some might feel issues due to memory loss and your mental peace will be at stake as well. You will suddenly find solace in religious work.


You will be troubled during the phase due to ill-health of spouse. There will be displeasure from your superiors. You will feel like losing due to disturbances happening around you as well as in conjugal life. Loss of wealth is also a possibility.

Leo: Some auspicious work may happen in your home. You will face problems in concentrating due to unnecessary travel. You will find some issues in stomach and there will be some monetary loss as well.


All enemies will be under your control and health will be at its best this month. There will be peace of mind as you will easily get success in every field.


You will be going through a phase where there will be mental unrest due to ill-health of your family members. Though it will be the best time for students, others might find themselves in some troubles from government officials.


Your debts will increase and you will feel unhappy at the family front. The overall period is not satisfactory as you will find yourself in financial troubles, quarrels with relatives or some land or vehicle dispute.


You will find peace at home. There will be happiness all around you as chances of success in career and business possible.


Loss of money and anxiety will rise. Despite all odds, you will get adequate support from the family. This will help you to tide over the situation/ circumstances.


Loss of wealth and honour. Your blood pressure might shoot up due to tension and other irritation.


Overall condition will improve. However, there will be loss of wealth and unnecessary health issues will crop up. You may see a break in all the government-related works.

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