Cassian Baliarsingh

An incredibly beautiful tale of a man taking care of his wife’s physically and mentally impaired ex-husband has left the internet teary-eyed. The ex-husband has been disabled ever since he met with an accident and has been bedridden.

The man with gold has been taking care of the disabled man and wouldn’t find to walk about from his marriage if a miracle cures his wife’s ex-husband.

The heart-touching story goes back to when Kris Armstrong (the wife) was in high school. She fell in love with Brandon Smith (the disabled man) and the two school sweethearts married in 2006, reported The Sun.

Unfortunately, Brandon got into a horrible car crash and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him disabled forever. 
Years after, Kris met James Armstrong (the man) who proposed to marry her. However, Kris agreed to marry James only with the condition that her bed-ridden ex-husband stay with them and continue to be a part of their life.

“I have a former husband that I take care of and he’s a part of my life and I realise that’s a lot. But if you’re interested in dating me, that comes with the territory,” Kris recalled.

She added, “James listened to my story and, without skipping a beat, said, I’m in. For some reason, he decided that it was a beautiful story and he wanted to be a part of it.”

This didn’t bother James at all who agreed to Kris’ demand as she was a woman with a good heart.

“It intrigued me more because I knew that Kris had a good heart,” James said. Since then, the three have been living together with James helping Kris take care of Brandon.

The good-hearted man is even ready to walk out of his marriage if someday Brandon gets well and asks him to leave. The story of Kris, Brandon, and James proves that humans are indeed good creatures and there is humanity still alive.