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The word bisexual is still exclusively brought to mind as a person attracted to both men and women. This was a dictionary definition for years but as public discourse has evolved to acknowledge a large number of gender identities that exist, the definition no longer feels boring enough to capture the range of experiences of bisexuality.

Signs of Bisexuality

Conflicting Feelings Towards Another Gender: 

Bi-feelings can be confusing, especially if you are from a traditional family or have a partiality to one gender for most of your life. You may now be questioning yourself possibly because you are finding yourself to have a feel for different gender. These feelings are normal. Over time your confusion will clear when you begin to explore your desires and feelings.

You Fantasise about People of a Different Gender:

Some fantasies are not meant to be enacted, upon or may not mean anything much, this might be a reason you can’t stop thinking about different genders in your dreams.

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Taking the Stigma Personally:

A good sign you may be bisexual is if you find an unfair feeling towards bisexual identities hurtful and takes them personally. This is also an indication of Bisexuality. 

Having a long-term Relationship with Someone, Regardless of Gender: 

Visualising having a relationship with someone for the long term is a sign that you are bi. You may be more comfortable with one specific gender over another but you could see dating both gender is another sign of Bi. 

Relate to A bi-character in TV Shows: 

You feel a sense of pride when a famous TV star comes as bi or queer. Only these two examples don't instantly mean you are Bisexual but they could be good feelings to you.

You feel hurt when someone questions your sexuality or claims that it's nonexistent and it is just a phase, you just like sleeping around, or you're not straight or gay, then you may be bisexual.