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In order to maintain your silver jewellery in flawless condition, there are some specific solutions available, which can be pricey and occasionally harsh on the jewellery. But the most appealing feature of silver is that the metal can be cleaned with common kitchen ingredients.

Here Are The Steps For Cleaning Silver Jewellery At Home With Simple Ingredients Using This Fantastic Technique:

  • Bring the water to a boil; there ought to be enough for it to fill the bowl to the top.

  • Line the inside of your soup bowl or other container with aluminium foil, following the shiny side up.

  • Each cup of water should have 1 tbsp of baking soda added to it (1 cup of water plus 1 tbsp of baking powder). The mixture will bubble. 

  • Put the silver jewellery in the bowl right away. It can be one piece or several, as long as it fits.  

  • Make sure the jewellery is in contact with the aluminium foil; this is necessary for the chemical reaction to happen.   

  • Leave the jewellery in the solution for 2 to 10 minutes or more, depending on the amount of silver tarnish.

  • And finally, take the silver object(s) out of the solution and clean them with a gentle, dry microfiber cloth.

Because Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure, Here Are 2 Tips To Prevent Tarnishing On Silver:

  • Avoid wearing silver jewellery while swimming in chlorinated pools or doing household chores with bleach or ammonia-containing chemicals.  

  • Put some chalk in your silver jewellery container so as to trap the moisture in the air, thereby preventing the sulphur components from getting to the silver.

Try the aforementioned steps to clean your silver jewels at home by yourself!