Cassian Baliarsingh

Everyone wants to earn enough money to bear living expenses, have some savings and ultimately live a comfortable life. However, the question often arises as to how much salary is enough to live a comfortable life in India.

How much does one earn on a monthly or yearly basis so that he can live comfortably as well as have some savings for his old age, travel to his dream destinations. Most importantly, most Indians are just one bill away from being poor. So, it is equally important to have money for medical bills.

So how much salary does one need to have all these benefits and finally die peacefully. Out of curiosity, a social media user posed the questions to fellow netizens and this is what he got in response.

“Defining comfort and a decent living varies. At my work both casual workers earning Rs 10,000/month and senior officers with Rs 2,00,000/month face challenges. Expenses tend to outgrow income; more earnings lead to more spending,” a user commented.

Another wrote, “For a simple life with a family of 4, monthly expenses could be: Rs 10,000 - Food, milk, veggies, misc, Rs 4,000 - Electricity (with AC), Rs 4,000 – Transport, Rs 2,000 – Telephone, Rs 10,000 - Children's education, Rs 20,000 - House rent, Rs 10,000 - Misc. (dining out, clothing, tour), Total: Rs 60,000. Add Rs 10,000 for Income Tax. Adjust based on your circumstances.”

“Depends on the city... life style n multiple other factors... some people can live in 15k n some can't even in 150k 😂,” commented another user.

Another user wrote, “No money 💰 is enough money 💴; Unless you are satisfied with what you already have.”

The post has garnered various kinds of answers from different individuals as per their own perspectives of life. However, there is no perfect answer to how much does one earn to live a comfortable life in India.