Cassian Baliarsingh

Heartbreaks are said to be part of love. Everyone in love is going to experience it at some point in life except for a few lucky ones. Heartbreak isn’t always as loud as a bomb exploding; rather, sometimes it could be as quiet as a feather falling. 

It is one of the most painful experiences. Unfortunately, there’s no band-aid for broken hearts. But, there are ways to ease the pain. But, you have to realise that our happiness is never based on someone staying or leaving. You are the cure. You have the choice to view it as a wound forever or turn it into a life experience.

Below are 5 tips to heal a broken heart:

1. The art of letting them go: The hardest thing about a breakup is releasing your love or seeing them with another person. We should never hold onto our past. Once a cheater is always a cheater! If they have cheated you once, without an iota of doubt, they will do it again and again, and again. So, it’s time to let them go and give way to your real future.

2. Have patience and faith: Most of the time, the hard decisions are the right ones. You have to practice patience and have faith in yourself. You have to accept the fact that you were cheated and have to move on. Staying in it will only further aggravate your pain. While you might be crying for them, they would be laughing with someone else. So, why waste your precious tears on a person who betrayed you.

3. Be your biggest fan: In life, you tend to blame yourself for anything bad that happens to us. But, when was the last time you were your own biggest fan? In today’s time, people are just waiting for a chance to use you and dump you. So, it is high time that you know your own worth. 

4. The world is much bigger than your ex: When one loves someone, he/she tends to treat him/her like everything. You make them so important, you make them so big that it almost feels like your ‘Ex’ is your whole world. It is important to realise that the world is so much bigger and there are millions of good people who want to be loved. Every couple thinks their relationship is special. But, every couple does the same thing you did, so there is nothing new in your partner. So, go find a new meaning and real purpose of your life.

5. Love can happen many times: It is said lucky are those who marry their school sweethearts and live happily ever after. However, it is not the end of the world if you end up in a breakup. People say, ‘Love can happen many times.’ There’s no standard formula for love. Love is not a race. Many people believe in falling in love at first sight, and then there are also others who believe in the trial-and-error method of finding true love. So, don’t give up.