Cassian Baliarsingh

Happy Valentine’s Day – the day of love is here. It embodies the spirit of love and affection and the day is all about expressing our deep love for that one special person.

Couples across the world are celebrating their love today. Young couples are splurging on roses, chocolates and romantic gifts for each other on this day. In India, at least 350 roses and 406 chocolates were reportedly purchased every minute during this Valentine’s Week. It seems like love is blooming in India with the Valentine’s Day holding a special place in the hearts of lovebirds.

However, singles are celebrating the day of love with hilarious memes on social media. With no one to go out on a date with, those who are not in relationships are busy sharing memes to avoid the pain of being ‘single’.

Meanwhile, a Bengaluru-based girl sent X (Twitter) into a frenzy after she asked cute 5’9+ guys for an ice cream/chai date. Social media users flooded her comment section with hilarious responses that will leave you ROFL.

Taking to her X (Twitter) handle, the social media with the ‘RI’ shared, “any cute 5’9+ guy from Bangalore free for an ice cream/chai date???” Since being shared online, the post has garnered over 174.6K views with hilarious comments from singles.

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A user hilariously wrote, “Yes I'm that guy but you are not cute coz I need 5’ 7 cute girl who earns 1 lakh atleast.”
“I'm 5'10" and four quarters, graduated from Christ University, and now I'm pursuing my post-graduation at IIM Bangalore. I'm also interning at McKinsey. I've been single for the past decade. And yes, I'm absolutely free for anything for a beauty like you,” commented a user.

A third user commented, “Lagta hai Kalyug k baadwale yug me jaldi pahanch gaye hum. Only African boys are that height.”