Cassian Baliarsingh

As we step into New Year 2024 with great enthusiasm and positivity, it is important to make decisions for a better future. We should recall all the mistakes that we made in 2023 and move to the new year with the best intentions.

Today is New Year, and is that time of the year to make new resolutions. Although we do not know if we can keep our promises and resolutions or break them mid-year, it is important to at least take a step towards working on that resolution.

So, as we start the New Year, let us make some resolutions that will help us grow, make our future better, be a reason for our family’s happiness and be the reason for everyone’s smile in the family.

So, if you are looking for some motivation, here are 5 resolutions that might help in your self-growth.

1.    Prioritize Yourself: While you must get loved by your loved ones, your family members, colleagues and partners, it is equally essential to be your lover. You have to love yourself first, make yourself your priority and put yourself first. Make sure that you do not end up hurting yourself in the process of giving too much love, and time to someone who is only using you. Make sure you prioritize your health, and feelings first before anything else.

2.    Break from social media: We all love to scroll and see reels. Although social media can make a positive presence, it is equally important to maintain a safe distance and give yourself some time. Replace your mobile time with some day-to-day activities like gym, reading books and focusing on your passion.

3.    Budget: If there is one resolution that will help you the most in the long run is making a vow to save money. The person for whom you are spending a lot of money might ditch you for someone else. So, it is better to make a rough budget and stick to it. And supercharge your shopping and outdoor eating habits.

4.    Exercise: It is the New Year's resolution for almost everyone to hit the gym and shape their body like their favourite star. However, you can only achieve your favourite actor’s body only if you hit the gym. Make sure that you go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week. A set of dumbbells can help elevate your workout, improve your stamina, build muscle and make you look like your favourite actor/actress.

5.    Invest in skincare: Investing in skincare doesn’t mean loading up on foundation. Do some research and use products that replenish your skin. Rather than covering it up with make-up, use tips and tricks for good, clear skin so that you can feel really good about it.