• Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Going on first date... 5 things you must keep in mind or regret

As it is wisely said by Andrew Grant, a famous British writer, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. In short, the first impression of yours is the last as well.

Anirbaan Hritiq
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Dating TipsPhotoPhoto: CANVA

Dating Tips

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In today’s tech-backed era, finding someone to date is way easier than it used to be back in the time. But, at the same time, keeping the charm in relationship seems to fading away. 

So, why these interactions are not able to materialise or grow into life-long relationships with most getting abruptly being ended on very first date... Why the initial conversations are becoming the first as well as the last interaction between many budding couples?

Amid several universal beliefs and findings which are of course different from person to person, here, we have come up with some fundamentals one should follow on the first date to make a lasting impression on his/her partner:

1. Dress up neatly, be yourself

As it is wisely said by Andrew Grant, a famous British writer, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. In short, the first impression of yours is the last as well, most people try to go out of the box for making their special day memorable and in the hunt of doing the same, they ruin the initial impression.

There is nothing wrong in trying to make your loved one special or desirably projecting yourself but overdoing it certainly creates a negative impact. On your first date, you should try to remain your original self without pretending to be someone you aren’t. Meanwhile, when it comes to dressing up, always prefer being in your comfort zone while dressing. Don’t try to look flashy or overdressed.
2. Carry a decent bouquet for your partner

In the era of expensive gifts, the ever-green bouquet of flowers has not lost its relevance. Flowers with their vivid colours and pleasing aroma set a whole different level of mood during the first date. It not only makes the would-be partner special but also add-ons to your overall attire as well. A good bouquet consisting of sweet aromatic flowers can make your special day, even more beautiful. 

3. Smell good

Apart from being well-groomed and carrying aromatic flowers to woo your partner, it is highly essential to smell good as well. But, what exactly should be the choice of perfume is still confusing for many people, especially boys. Wearing hard manly perfume is not often well accepted by womenas some people overdo it by using excess perfume. Always consider using a light, citrus and appealing perfume.

4. Make eye contact, be the initiator

Confidence matters. It is universally applicable in all fields. On a date, always be attentive while making conversations and focus on making proper eye contact. It is also important to be the initiator, kick-starting a conversation is an art and it makes a deep impact. Always try to start the conversation on a lighter note, and avoid being dominating while you do so. Yes, always be a listener and pay attention towards every single word of your would-be partner to garner confidence and trust.

5. Be courteous, avoid bringing past

As the fundamental tagline of the movie series Kingsmen states “Manners maketh the man”, women always appreciate those men or boys who are courteous and well-mannered. Be humble and respectful while having a conversation and yes keep it intense!

Meanwhile, always avoid discussing past and failed relationships on your first date, neither reveal yours nor ask your partner’s. This creates a deep impact on the budding relationship.

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