Cassian Baliarsingh

A routine DNA test shattered a young girl’s world after she found out that the man she called dad for 26 years wasn’t her biological father. The DNA report felt her trembling in shock as she could understand that she was result of her mother’s affair.

“Rather than seeing my dad’s name, I was presented with ‘some guy’ I have never heard of before,” the woman shared on Reddit.

Fascinated to know about her ancestors, the girl identified as Riembis decided to take DNA tests. However, the DNA results left her shattered.

“The results came two days after. I scroll through my DNA matches. To my surprise, no one from my dad’s side shows up there. My dad doesn’t show up there,” the woman recalled.

Shocked, she decided to confront her mother and her wildest fear came true. She was born out of an affair by her mother.

“I then asked my mother to explain how this happened. Apparently, she did have an affair. First it started as friendship, but this guy (the girl’s original dad) developed intense feelings for her and was very persuasive so things happened,” she further wrote.

However, the affair was short-lived after her husband came to know about it. Although, she hasn’t had any contact with him after. The young girl is now left in a dilemma whether to tell the truth to her father or not.

Her post soon went viral on Reddit with social media users dropping their reactions in the comments section.

“Genetics does not make a family. Relationships do. But you might not want to share your DNA results with others in your family. They may not understand,” a user suggested.

Another user wrote, “Before confronting anybody, I’d suggest taking another test. Just to be sure things haven’t been screwed up during the process the first time around.”

“In addition to what people are saying, no matter what your mother says you need to talk to your father too. If there is infidelity involved, he deserves to know,” commented another user.