Anirbaan Hritiq

In Greek mythology, the centaur (a hybrid of half man and half horse) along with an arrow is represented as the symbol of Sagittarius. 

As per mythological studies, the Sagittarians are often associated with a centaur named Chiron. The latter was known for his wisdom, healing properties and ability to provide justice.

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The men with this zodiac sign are great fighters, full of great endurance, strength and commanding power. Being a star sign with a fire element, people who are usually born as Sagittarians are known for their fierce temperament if provoked unnecessarily for a duel of any nature.

Here are five cardinal character traits of a Sagittarius Man

  1. Healers: Sagittarian men are great healers and can be extremely helpful when it comes to any form of emotional support. If you are broke or depressed, and have a Sagittarian man by your side, your recovery becomes quicker.

  2. Energetic: Centaurs are known for their strong endurance and never-ending energy, and so are the Sagittarians. Being governed by the planet Jupiter, they are not only full of insights but the energy to pursue all their desired objectives. Once a Sagittarius man decides to get something, nothing can stop him.

  3. Open-minded: One of the best qualities of Sagittarius men is they are open-minded and less judgemental. This nature helps them adapt to changes and be friends with everyone they meet with ease. They have a wider perspective towards nature and humanity and believe in change.

  4. True well-wishers: Being unselfish and a healer by nature, Sagittarians are great friends to anyone they love. They can go up to any extent to protect their friendship and show the right direction in life to people who are associated with them.

  5. Optimistic: This is perhaps the greatest characteristic of a Sagittarian, that are boldly optimistic. Even if Sun goes down in the mid of the morning, men with this zodiac will always find a positive angle to it and go ahead with their mission. Most of the Sagittarius men are successful due to this free spirit and optimism.

The information mentioned above is taken from the general character traits of men with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. However, the results may vary from person to person.