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Getting those perfect curls can be challenging, especially for those who enjoy wearing their hair in natural beach waves. Although all of these curling irons and other heating appliances could give you the ideal waves, your hair gets damaged due to excessive heat. Your hair turns thin and brittle because of excessive heat from styling products, leaving behind curls that aren't exactly great. 

Instead, what if we told you that there are some natural DIY methods at home that can help you achieve those perfect curls? Get your hair supplies ready and come along as we demonstrate some of the best at-home hair curling techniques without causing heat damage.

1. Braids

The time-tested approach to achieving those adorable natural curls. All it takes to have the ideal hairdo the following morning is to braid your hair overnight. You can select the braid style based on the type of curls you desire. If you prefer heavy curls, split your hair into three sections and braid each one separately. If you prefer loose beachy waves, bind your hair in a loose braid. So whether you have bouncy curls or just lazy waves, braiding your hair overnight does help.

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2. Rag Rollers

This vintage method of curling hair is still effective today. Cut fabric into 1-inch-wide strips, and roll a 1-inch length of hair up and under each strip. Take the loose ends of the fabric and tie a knot after rolling until you reach the hair root. Do this around your head, then spend the night sleeping on the rags. Undo each strip as you wake up to reveal lovely waves!

3. Curls using a headband

Locate a headband that completely encircles your head (such as an elastic sports headband) and begin lifting little, one-inch chunks of hair starting from either side of your head. Sleep on the style overnight, then let the headband loose in the morning for stylish, carefree curls. To achieve this, tuck each section of hair up and into the headband until all of your hair is curled into the headband when you're through.

4. Lazy waves with a twist

A quick but effective approach to achieving perfect curls. Simply divide your hair in half, twist each side, and secure it in a bun. Open your twisted hair after two hours for a stunning style, designed especially for a night out with friends. 

5. Curly Twists

Comb your hair after getting out of the shower, apply style cream, then twist and coil small pieces of hair into the roots. Roll them up, pin them down, sleep on them, and you will get perfect curls. 

These are some easy ways to curl your hair at home. Use our no-heat hair curling methods the next time you feel like sporting curly or wavy hairstyles!