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A pleasant conversation could be a fantastic approach to starting a connection that you want to grow. It is not something that can be done easily, especially if it involves talking to a girl. Listed below are seven easy tips to start a conversation with a girl you like:

Message a compliment or greet her

Send her a morning greeting or a text like, "Good morning, did you sleep well last night?" However, you must refrain from spamming her inbox and wait for a response.

Sending flirtatious texts if she seems interested

Send flirtatious messages if she seems to be enjoying your company. They are effective mood boosters. "You were in my dreams last night, and I missed you so much." Ask her out for coffee if she responds positively.

Talk about mutual interests and people

If you have friends in common on her friend/following list or find accounts or pages with similar interests, you can easily start a conversation using this opportunity.

Give genuine compliments

She would appreciate genuine and honest compliments. If she appears to be dressed for a party, you could try telling her something like, “You’re about to set the stage on fire.” Beware! Offending or lewd comments can damage your relationship. 

Introduce yourself in style

You should tell her what interests you and learn about her hobbies after giving her a brief introduction. You can say things such as, "I like Ranveer Singh; his energy is endless. Do you like him?”

Ask about her day 

A simple question like "how was your day?" is always a great way to start a chat. If she just responds with a single phrase, feel free to ask her again, "What did you do?"

Ask her for guidance or opinions

You simply need to ask for her opinion if you believe you share similar perspectives and interests. That would make her feel truly special.  

These simple conversation starters can be interesting and appealing to the young lady of your choice and would give you enough indication to know whether she reciprocates the sentiments or not.