Anirbaan Hritiq

Territorial possessiveness is something which humans still carry with them even after millions of years of civilisation. Every individual is genetically different and he/she is bound to carry different character traits by default. Some individuals can suppress and control their aggressive behaviour, but some are not blessed with the ability to control these extreme feelings. The second category of individuals who don’t have control over their aggressions is often termed, bullies.

People with oppressive mentality who try to dominate and project supremacy over others can be found in every field from schools to workplaces. These kinds of individuals not only try to suppress others but also turn vindictive if not dealt with properly. 

Here are the five ways which can help you deal with these bullies like a pro: 

1. Be an observer: It is extremely important to judge and evaluate people around you. Since different people come from different backgrounds, circumstances, past experiences and lifestyles, their behaviour will also vary similarly. A bully is always a sadist, he/she gets pleasure by harassing others; therefore, always try to remain composed and study the behavioural pattern. And yes, not everyone is bad always, try to analyse the environment by yourself; don’t blindly believe in the other’s feedback.

2. Be humble: Humbleness is the mantra of achievement, always remember that “an eye for an eye will leave everyone blind”. Similarly don’t try to behave with the bully in the way he/she is behaving, it will not only further exaggerate the situation but also harm your professional image. The best way out is to deal with bullies by being peaceful and composed.

3. Have an open dialogue: It is always advisable to have an open dialogue with someone who is trying to suppress you. There can be various reasons behind his/her behaviour; it may be due to work pressure, personal problem or a habit of power projection. Be friendly and approachable, even after knowing what the other person is thinking about you. This will surely lead to self-introspection and rectifications.

4. Be professional: Being professional can solve many crises and reduce the chances of workplace bullying to a greater extent. Avoid loose talks, over-friendly behaviour or being extremely approachable. It is very important to know your limits as well and let others know their boundaries. Being extremely open and personally attached can increase the vulnerability of getting bullied or intimidated by bullies.

5. Confrontation: Well, it’s the trickiest part. Altercations and confrontations at the workplace can go against you professionally. But when the time demands, it becomes extremely important to deal with it in the old-school way. Don’t hesitate to approach higher authorities along with your complaint without any fear of getting judged. Always be firm and confident with your arguments and never lose your patience.