Sangati Jogwar

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  • Today's woman is ambitious and career-oriented and wants her man to be supportive at every step.
  • Here are the top 5 things that women will desperately want from men in 2023.

The year 2023 is here and so are the challenges that men and women face daily in their lives. And that is going to take top priority this year as women will desperately expect a few things from men.

Of course being trustworthy, loving, caring and a gentleman are the basic requirements but more things will come to the table of discussion when women will try to share what they want from their men in 2023.

A domesticated partner

Today’s woman is equally busy as her male partner in her career. She has the same ambitions and aspirations and hence, this year, she will want her man to devote equal time to the house and family as much as her. Be it cooking, cleaning, or taking care of the kids, men will have to share all these responsibilities at equal footing with women which earlier were considered only the domain of the ladies.

Hygiene is priority

With the Coronavirus still lurking around, hygiene has now become a top necessity. Women will expect their men this year to practice proper hygiene and make it their lifelong habit so that they stay protected from any unwanted infections.

Fit and healthy

Every girl dreams of a handsome man with a toned body. After Hrithik Roshan unleashed his 8-pack abs at the start of the year, it should be the mission of every boy to at least focus on his health and stay fit because that is what his woman will expect from him. Even though your girl might not expect you to become a Bollywood superstar overnight, this year, she wants to see her man getting fitter and healthier.

More breaks and holidays

Whether she is a career-oriented person or a homemaker, one thing a girl is earnestly looking for is spending more time with her man. So, this year, she will expect you to take more breaks and holidays from work. Importantly, she will also expect her man to be more liberal and allow her to spend quality time with her girl gang just as boys have overnight stays and parties with their male friends.

Good sex

All the love, understanding, and interest in a relationship fizzle out if the sex part is not good. So, be it this year or every year, women will be looking forward to having a fabulous sex life with their partners.