Cassian Baliarsingh

These days, everything is easily available on our doorstep, thanks to the rapid development and advancement in technology. From clothes to food, we get it delivered at our doorstep with the click of a mobile phone. 

With its great advantages also come a few disadvantages attached to it. Apart from the development, nowadays people also have the choice of changing their partners with a click of their mobile phone. 

However, there are only a lucky few who find true love even in this mobile era.

So, below are a few red flags or signs that your girlfriend or wife has fallen prey to this disadvantage of mobile phones and is cheating on you:
1. Less interest in s*x

Every couple would love to cuddle, and spend quality time with each other at the beginning of their relationship. For some, it is 3-4 times a week and the lucky ones maybe get it every night. But, if your girl inexplicably changes, makes new excuses every night, then it's time for you to investigate what lies at the root of her disinterest. 


2. More attention to her phone/ stays distracted 

Of course, we are in a digital era and people often tend to spend most of their time on their cell phones. Your attentive girl now barely has time to look into your face. Of course, if you see a continual habit of being on her phone, especially during your private moments or dinner dates, it's time you need to think. Her lack of investment in your relationship speaks a lot about her disinterest.


3. Starts telling lies

For whatever reason if your girl starts keeping secrets and telling your lies, it might be a red sign. You ought to pay attention to her changed behaviour, before it's too late. If she is going to places and doesn’t inform you and she just brushes it off when you ask about her whereabouts and keeps you in the dark, she might be cheating on you. 


4. Gets mad when you question

You try to talk to her about certain things, but she avoids and gets angry. She lashes at you and somehow makes it your fault. She accuses you of doubting her and refrains from talking to you for silly things. It is said cheaters tend to rationalize their behaviour in their own minds. First thing they do is push the blame onto you. 


5. She is talking way too much on the phone

If you find her spending hours chatting and texting with some new friends (as it is told to you by her) and giving you the time she used to, she might be seeing someone else.