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Fashion designers paint the fabrics and design attire, inventing numerous trends through their crafty skills. Many young fashion hopefuls have the goal of breaking into the industry. The zing and bling associated with the profession interest them.

Having a bachelor's degree in fashion design or an equivalent qualification will assist you in gaining the information and abilities you need, but it does not ensure that you will succeed in the cut-throat fashion industry.

Fashion design is meant for people who have a knack for dominating designs and an up-to-date understanding of current fads. This profession is perfect if you excel at dissecting different looks and figuring out the nuances.

Job opportunities in the fashion industry include: Merchandiser, Brand Manager, Fashion Consultant, Photo Shoot, Fashion Journalist, Fashion Designer, Retail Buyer, Retail Manager, Fashion Stylist, Textile Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Illustrator, Textile or Clothing Technologist, Event Manager, Jewelry Designer, Public Relations Manager, and more.

The salary of a fashion designer ranges from Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh per annum, depending on their specialization.

Pursuing fashion design will be fun if you ensure the following:

Creativity and Curiosity

A natural creative talent is a prerequisite to becoming a fashion designer. The desire to transform a simple subject into a wonderful piece of art comes from creativity and imagination. If you possess the ability to think outside the box, you are one step closer to a successful career.

Think of a signature style for yourself

Follow your interest and discover a unique forte! Sabyasachi is known for regal and traditional bridal wear; Manish Malhotra for exquisite, shimmery, and sassy indo-fusion wear; and Anita Dongre seeks grace, elegance, and comfort in her modern dresses.


Fashion is a reflection of society or away from a society; being bizarre. Some styles repeat themselves, while others become trends when fused with traditional or modern styles. Full research about what customers want can help the designer flourish.

Business skills

In order to sell your designs, you must have keen marketing and business skills.

Remember, fashion is an art. What matters is how you perceive it and interpret it with your own originality and creativity.