Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

On January 20, tech titan Google joined the layoff bandwagon and CEO Sundar Pichai made the announcement about firing 12000 employees globally. Several employees of Google, who lost their jobs, described the way of termination as totally callous and inhumane. 

Many of the now former employees have taken to social media to express their anger and displeasure. One such victim of the mass layoffs is Nicholas Dufau. 

Nicholas worked at Google as an Associate Product Counsel and spent only six months at the company in Los Angeles. After getting sacked, he wrote on LinkedIn that he became a father on January 17 and three days later while he was feeding his infant daughter at 2 am, he received a notification that he lost access to his Google corporate accounts.

"Last Tuesday morning at 2 a.m., I became a father. On Friday morning at 2 a.m. while feeding my infant, I received a notification that I had lost access to my Google corporate accounts. I had been laid off via automated email," his post read.

Further, Nicholas wrote, "And so last week marked the end of my 6-month stint at Google where I worked on a team packed with intelligent, driven, and kind folks who welcomed me into their Google family."

Along with the post, he also shared a screenshot of the termination notice from Google and a photograph of himself with his newborn.

Affected by the termination, Nicholas said that the time when he discovered about losing his job, he felt acutely expendable and naïve.

He also mentioned that before he took his parental leave, his co-workers had reassured him that the company treasured its employees. However, he also mentioned that he still remains positive about his “intelligent, driven and kind” colleagues and wrote, “My saintly wife and miraculous daughter have been here to lift my spirits and give me comfort."

His wife, Brittany Gorin, also a lawyer, wrote on LinkedIn, “It is heartbreaking to have been given a false sense of security, and then have that security pulled out right from under us just as we begin this new chapter as a family of three.”

Further, she wrote, "I just want Nick to know that the baby and I, and so many others, love him so much. And his job does not, and never has, defined his worth to us.”