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Propensity of productivity is essential for the overall growth of the company.  There can be many ways, but surprisingly, the following 5 top the list always. As per an email, written by Elon Musk to its employees, to motivate them for increasing the efficiency of Tesla Company, an organisation should conduct short and peculiar meetings. In addition, communication between employees and employers must be direct, without any hesitation. Moreover, leave unnecessary meetings, as per Musk, it is not rude to leave a meeting but it is rude to waste people’s time.

Rules to expand the level of productivity:

1. Elude Large Meetings:
Large convocations generally waste a lot of time, effort and energy. Moreover, leaves no place for debate and group discussions to open up the ideas and discourages employees. In addition, due to time constraints, not everyone is able to contribute. 

2. Drain often meetings:
Conducting meetings casually, is none other than wastage of valuable time. If your inputs or decisions are not required in a meeting, then your presence could be counted as useless.  

3. Direct Communication:
Better way to communicate with employees is direct, not with the so-called help of managers or supervisors. According to Musk, the chain of command should be eradicated. Instant communication refers to instant decisions which is equivalent to gamesmanship.

4. Simple and clear communication:
Using technical jargon and idiomatic language, simply slows down communication. As per Elon Musk, an individual should choose words which are concise, precise and understandable. Smart or technical words are not at all a smart move, what is smart is your level of efficiency. 

5. Agenda of meeting:
Meeting in the real world is said to be when everything is done by clarity. Genuinely, a meeting must have an agenda such as collaboration, to solve urgent issues. In the words of Elon Musk, instead of conducting a meeting, you can also send an email with all points mentioned to colleagues and must remember that your team’s workflow is not disrupted.

Therefore, these are the crucial and simple steps by which an institute could increase its level of efficiency.