Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • A Pani Puri seller's son has finally achieved his dream.
  • Meet Ravikant, who will now join IAF as a pilot.

Street food is a common thing in India. And one of the most loved street foods in the country is Panipuri. It is normal for the children of regular Panipuri sellers to help them out on the stalls and even take it up as a profession later on. Very few girls or boys belonging to this group think of taking a new path and moving ahead in their lives.

Meet Ravikant, son of Devendra Choudhary, a Panipuri seller who runs a roadside stall by the name Sushil Pani Patasa in front of Dwarkapuri Dharmashala in Manasa. For the last many years, Ravikant has been helping his father at the stall selling Panipuri. Even while doing so, he always had the ambition of becoming a pilot. As he grew up, he started preparing to become a pilot. He worked day and night to fulfill his dream and finally now has been selected as a pilot for the Indian Air Force.

Ravikant is just 21 years and cleared the difficult exam for being a pilot on the very first attempt. Things have not been easy for the Choudhary family after Coronavirus hit the world. For more than two years the family survived on borrowed money as they could not run the Panipuri stall during the lockdown.

However, even in such dire circumstances, Ravikant continued to prepare for his dream job and now finally his hard work has paid off and he is all set to join the training for the post of pilot in the Indian Air Force. Ravikant’s success is an inspiration for many other youngsters who are fighting with difficulties but want to reach new heights in their lives.