Sangati Jogwar

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  • Creative resumes can help you stand out among the rest.
  • Here are some of the tips for creating an outstanding resume!

Creative resumes stand a better chance of getting you your dream job. That is also one way of making your application stand out among the others.

From making the resume look like a product or a website to making it stylish by adding key elements, there are multiple factors that can help you to make your resume creative.

The right use of colour

A good designer knows how to use the right colour balance so that the important aspects and features of your resume are highlighted in a proper way. In this way, you can guide the eye toward the areas in your resume that will help you stand out among others.

Using colour blocks on one side of the page offers a bold impression. You can even highlight your name, designation, and experience in this way.

Make an impression with a formal photo

Gone are the days when a passport-size photo was the only thing you would need with a resume. Nowadays, you can be more creative with the way you embed your photograph in the resume. Let it be formal, even small like a wallet, but very much professional-looking.

Choice of font

With so many options in font types and their size, the sky is the limit when you play with them, and even use highlighters to emphasize a few points. Just make sure that you do not use capital lettering or bold multiple times or their significance is lost to the viewer.

Make it to the point

Brevity is the clear winner when you want to snatch that dream job from hundreds of contenders. Keep your resume to the point that covers all the aspects related to your experience, skills, and interest but is not exaggerating.

Use of proper infographics

There are so many multimedia tools, filters, and Photoshop techniques easily available online. You can use these to prepare proper infographics that not only look attractive on your resume but summarize your profile in nutshell and emake it easier for the intrviewer to get an insight into your achievements very quickly.