Sangati Jogwar

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  • Job interviews can give even the most qualified aspirants a nightmare.
  • Here are a few job interview tips that can always work.

For job aspirants preparing for an interview can be a tricky thing. Be it a fresher or an experienced job aspirant, both of them have some sort of anxiety while facing the interviewer because they need to prove themselves worthy of that particular position.

Although not all rules and tips can be applicable to everyone, there are certain interview tips that can help almost everyone to perform well in the interview.

Use the latest formats and technology

Your resume must be appealing. Lots of tools and techniques are easily available for free on the web which you can use to make the resume look appealing and more importantly easy on the eyes so that the viewer is happy while reviewing it. Also taking care of the format, size, and colour of the font ensures that the recruiter does not miss anything during his review.

Going through your resume thoroughly

Your resume is the first thing that introduces you to the interviewer. So before forwarding it, just go through the resume properly to check whether you have added all the latest updates regarding your skills, experience, and even the latest certifications. Try to check it from the perspective of the recruiter and judge whether the tone and the inputs in the resume are enough to convince the recruiter to offer you the position for which you are applying.

Come up with your own questions

It is expected that the other person is going to ask you questions as it is your interview. But you must also keep some questions ready for the interviewer so that you are quite clear when you are signing the job contract. It will also give your impression as a complete professional to the company.

Keep that smile on

Be prepared for those tough questions that will be directed at you with the intention to see your temperament and reactions. Instead of getting baffled, keep smiling while you answer to the best of your abilities. It is not always the question of whether you are right or wrong, but more often corporate are looking for guys who can handle tough situations coolly in the absence of proper resources.

Make an impressive exit

Irrespective of whether the interview goes your way or not make sure to exit with proper politeness and courtesy so that they may or may not offer you a job but will always remember you and call you when the time or opportunity is right.