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There are many career opportunities and perks associated with the tourism industry. It is a rapidly expanding industry with a variety of opportunities that one can explore and pursue. In addition to providing a lot of employment opportunities, it also offers a lot of interesting prospects, such as travelling, guiding trips, etc., as well as a well-paying job. Students who study travel and tourism have opportunities in both sectors, which instantly puts them on the path to a successful career. 

Listed below are the 3 prominent careers in the travel and tourism industry which you can pursue: 

1) Travel Agent 

You have likely encountered a travel agent while travelling, but a travel agent does more than that. The job of a travel agent encompasses the planning and organising of trips for individuals and groups. Usually, a travel agent works for a travel agency that organises a variety of business and leisure trips and ensures the tourists and travellers have a comfortable journey as well as an enjoyable stay. In addition, a travel agent works to ensure that clients have pleasant accommodations, travel arrangements, visas, foreign exchange, etc. 

2) Tour Guide 

It is one of the most sought-after careers in travel and tourism to guide a group of tourists or a single individual on tour. It is a tour guide's job to provide information and assistance on historical sites, religious institutes, museums, sanctuaries and national parks. Getting to know the history, geography, and other relevant details of these destinations is imperative for a tour guide. It is necessary to develop good communication skills, knowledge of foreign languages, and familiarity with the local area before becoming a tour guide. 

3) Tourism Manager 

Tourist/tourism managers work to promote tourism in their area by utilising various advertising campaigns and methods. They provide travel assistance to people from all cultures and customs. 

The travel and tourism industry is full of fun, which also pays you well. Also, there are many more options available in this sector but the above-mentioned are the best. You will enjoy working in this industry.